Analysis Using Case Study Solution

The Cemex Case Study Solution is a personal computer forensic software product that was released in February of 1998. The company wanted to create a product that would assist the forensics investigator in detecting and identifying the evidence on any hard drive. They created an easy to use user interface to eliminate the need for a specialist or expert.

Cemex developed the Case Study Solution by hiring professionals who were expert in computer forensics. It is the company’s belief that once the computer forensic software is used in the first year, it will have assisted the investigators in more than one million searches. It has proven effective when compared to professional and more specialized software products.

According to its developers, the Case Study Solution is a perfect solution to the problem of forensic search. It uses the latest software technology with a clean and crisp interface. Its price also does not exceed the common price range.

The software can be downloaded easily from the Internet. One is able to find tutorials on the product by typing “Cemex Case Study Solution” into the online search engine. Once the site is identified, one can purchase the software and be able to download it within minutes.

A simple operation interface allows the user to insert or select a file and run a file compare test. If the comparison test indicates a match, the file can be reviewed. If not, the users can attempt a different process that will enable them to determine whether the data on the hard drive is genuine or if it is simply a false indicator.

The software is able to identify an exact block of data, a group of data, or individual files from the data. This is done by using a GOTO statement. It is also able to use the data comparison pattern to locate files, folders, as well as programs that are similar in structure and size.

In February of 1998, the Cemex Case Study Solution was reviewed in a CEMI article in Scientific American. CEMI’s marketing director testified before the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology on the product. The review was conducted by Leslie Vosshall, a computer forensics specialist who trained at Carnegie Mellon University. She evaluated the product and its ability to provide the forensics investigator with the necessary tools to detect and discover the evidence.

The Cemex Case Study Solution, for the person that needs to perform a forensic examination, is cost effective and user friendly. A skilled software user will feel comfortable using the program and be able to solve many of the cases in the investigation of computer crimes.

It contains a wide variety of features that will help any investigator solve their case. This product comes with an interface that is user friendly.

A forensics expert should have the capability to perform a difficult analysis such as using the environment from the time frame of the crime. In this way, it is possible to avoid examining the data from the time period prior to the incident.

It can also be used to analyze a file based on the beginning and end points of the data. This can be used to locate deleted files and objects. There are also many others that are available.

The Cemii CCS evaluation study determined that the software is effective for the forensic investigator. This software provides the computer investigator with the essential tools to investigate criminal cases and to recover deleted data from hard drives. This software can save the investigator from the tedious task of writing to a hard drive in order to recover data.