As you read and apply these ideas, remember that it is important to always continue to strive for excellence. A well-written, compelling Case Study is an essential element of any good marketing tool. Case Study Writing Guidelines

A Case Study is an actionable, realistic evaluation of an organization or product. If you want to craft a case study, consider the following guidelines to help you create your own:

Focus on the reader. A Case Study should present data relevant to the reader and should give the reader a concrete idea of what the project will entail. You can accomplish this by describing the project in a narrative format.

Use strong information. Provide useful information that supports your case.

Organize the case study solution. Place all information into a coherent storyline. If the case was related to a particular service, present how that service was used throughout the project. Organize the narrative by using specific verbs or keywords.

Summarize your data. Provide a summary of the project to explain how it worked. Discuss the results of the case study in the summary.

Add solid facts. Use key findings and statistics to support your conclusion.

Interview participants. When interviewing participants, use a structured interview format to encourage frank discussion of the case.

Focus on the experience of the reader. Consider how the reader will interpret the Case Study. This information is valuable for allowing the reader to see how your case was presented to them and to gauge how they will respond to the information you provided.

Incorporate a recommendation. Be sure to include a recommendation in your case study, along with suggestions for addressing the issues and concerns the reader raised. For example, in the Harvard Case Study Solution, we recommend each reader of theCase Study be provided with a complimentary E-Book.

Post-case analysis. In the case study solutions and recommendations, we often provide readers with a summary of the case and some additional resources to support the case. This allows the reader to evaluate their response to the case and lets them see where the information helps them move forward.

If you want to better understand the case, seek out research, technical, or personal advice. Do not underestimate the value of obtaining such advice. If you seek it out, you may also learn how to make your case study work better for you.