Business Case Samples – 3 Steps to Creating Your Business Case

Business case samples are commonly offered by the many different Small Business Administration (SBA) sponsored seminars. Such seminars are held as an important part of the application process for funding to start a new small business or for having a current business loan re-upped. In fact, the Small Business Administration has hosted and funded several such seminars throughout the years.

Now for most people, most people will not have the ability to attend these types of seminars, nor will they be able to submit an application for funding as a private individual. Most private individuals do not want to risk a potential loss of financial security.

Many who attend such seminars would want to be able to use sample templates. A sample template is what a small business can use when creating a business plan for their business.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has provided access to business case templates throughout the years, however, most of the templates only contain four sections. This small set of templates is primarily designed for the small business that is seeking a small business loan.

A business does not want to rely on the sample templates and without the necessary funds, it is very difficult for a business to apply for a business loan. Having a business plan template with several sections is also a good option to use to improve your business’s presentation to potential investors.

Business case templates for all SBA sponsored seminars should include section titles to provide additional content for a business’s presentation to potential investors. Such sections could include:

Business case samples should also include a second copy of the business case. An additional copy of the business case should be a PDF file that you can use in the event that you do lose your original copy.

Business case samples should also contain the summary of the business case. As a small business owner, having a summary of the business case will help you focus your presentations so that you can concentrate on the necessary information to get past the crowd that is watching you speak. Such information may include:

An important part of a business plan is also a review of the real business experiences. This section of the business case sample should include:

Getting a quote from private investment firms should also be included. Getting a quote from such organizations can help a small business owner realize how much they can expect to get back on investment dollars.

It is also crucial that the Small Business Application Response Checklist, which contains the checklists for the small business application, is completed and available to use. When this checklist is completed, it will make it easier for a potential investor to verify information during the review of the business case.

Another final section is the summary of the private investment that will support your funding request. Finally, a cover sheet should be created that provides key information that can be used to help protect the SBA from legal or financial liability.