Case Study Analysis Methods

One of the most widely-used case study analysis methods in business is the Sloan-Kettering. This method is based on the progressive study of case studies and interviews. This has been used for more than a century and can be considered as the foundation of corporate case studies. This has helped a lot of organizations greatly.

However, there are various other case study analysis methods which are considered to be as effective as Sloan-Kettering. One of the most popular and commonly used case study analysis methods is the Case Research Methods. In this method, each aspect of the case study is included and analyzed. It may cover several areas like events in the life of the company, past experiences, future plans, change of ideas and concept of the organization, questionnaires of employees, cost effectiveness and the general behavior of the company.

The Case Study Analysis Method also is known as the ITC is a case study method based on the International Standard Classification of Systems. It is an interactive program and consists of eight modules. Each module covers a specific aspect of the case study. This software is used by a case officer and analysts who analyze the case study by asking questions.

However, one has to pay special attention to the way they ask questions while carrying out a case study analysis. They must not be in a hurry or they may come across some serious issues. If they do so, it can prove to be detrimental to the case study.

Another very effective method is called a GPS (Global Positioning System). In this, the company can receive reports on the activities of the employees. It can also be done at different points of time. These reports contain the information like loss of time and money and also corrective measures taken.

There are many other case study analysis methods which can be used to conduct a research on the company. While choosing any of the methods, one has to look at the factors which will help in determining the method of a particular company. These factors include the type of the organization, number of employees, and what company’s objectives are.

One of the most popular case study analysis methods is called the DBA (Definite Analysis Bases), which is mainly based on the Standard Minimum Datasets. In this method, the database is prepared from the records which are stored in one or more government records such as the Income Tax Return, the W-2 wage slips, the income tax returns and the other various other tax information. All the information will be combined to make a comprehensive record.

The Data Base Analysis Method is useful to reveal the company’s history and the situation of the organization. This method is usually carried out through a systematic search of documents and other sources.

Through this method, the employees and the managers are given a thorough understanding of the financial status of the company. This can serve as a good tool for decision making on the future of the company.

This method can also show the company’s recent progress and it also shows the changing trend of the business. In this manner, the future of the company can be plotted.

The Processes of the Company method is another case study analysis method which helps in predicting the future trends of the organization. This method is also based on the use of various technology to gain an accurate picture of the current situation.

The key thing to remember while using case study analysis methods is that one should have a good analytical mind. Otherwise, it can prove to be a futile endeavor. Proper planning is the key to success.