Case Study and Solution – The Importance of Belief in Yourself

The second example of case study and solution is an example from the book called “Surviving to Thrive” by John Goodpasture. In this book, Goodpasture shares his experiences from the past three decades as a survivor of cancer.

When you hear his story, you will find a man who has lived with cancer, having been in remission, for over five years, with his positive outlook on life. His journey of survival has shown him that the road to healing is an ongoing process and that there is always a way forward. This story demonstrates the power of the mind and how one can utilize its wisdom to inspire confidence and to become a stronger, healthier person.

The example of case study and solution that follow is also written by Goodpasture. In it, he describes how a decade ago, he suffered a major health issue that resulted in brain damage and paralysis. He was faced with the choice of trying to live with a disability or being paralyzed. By choosing the latter, he found renewed joy in life and new hope.

He went back to school, determined to earn a degree in Business and quickly found out that his condition was only going to get worse. “The pain came back and I had no control over the movements of my body,” he recalls. “I felt very helpless.”

However, he continues, “Life has thrown bad things at me over again so I’ve learned to adapt to the bad and to rise above it. I have a purpose now…it is to help other people who are facing a similar situation and to make them aware of what they can do about it.”

It was while he was learning about the Dems and their healing power that he discovered how the brain acts as the hub of the whole healing system. “The brain is the true power center of the body,” he explains. “The people around you, your environment, and your diet all affect the functioning of your brain. So it is important to understand the brain’s role in your healing.”

Recovery is only possible when the mind has developed positive habits that support it. That is why Goodpasture believes in the power of the subconscious. The subconscious mind is the part of the brain that guides behavior, and it knows what’s best for you.

“Our brain is connected to the whole world around us through the three layers of the conscious mind,” he says. “This connection is through the ‘higher mind,’ the level of consciousness we reach during our dreams.”

At the higher levels of the brain, the subconscious receives all the information and then makes a decision on whether or not to act upon it. “The decisions of the higher mind are not necessary,” explains Goodpasture. “It is the subconscious, the part of the brain we all have access to, that decides whether we are able to move forward in our lives or to choose the bad options that we have chosen.”

In today’s world, people are becoming increasingly aware of their own health and wellbeing. They recognize that by making simple changes in their lifestyle, they can both improve their health and enhance their quality of life. They are no longer content to accept the palliative and limiting treatments that are prevalent.

In his book, Goodpasture offers some ideas about how to make these changes a reality for you. He also offers a number of affirmations that can be used as powerful tools to boost your confidence.

When you use a strong belief in yourself and your abilities, your mind can be at its best. With your positive thinking, you can enjoy being a whole person and move forward in your recovery with renewed energy and vitality.