Case Study Problem Solving – Public Safety System

Case study problem solving can be a fun experience. Many people enjoy the challenge of working through a problem, finding an answer, and then sharing it with others. The more people that know about and can use the solution, the better off you are.

The problem you need to overcome in your case study solution is a very small one. You do not have to face death, in fact, that is not even a requirement for this method. Simply put, this method is intended to give you the tools you need to explore solutions without facing difficult or painful decisions.

As you work through the problem, you will find yourself thinking outside the box and making decisions that others will not have the same experience with. This allows you to communicate your own ideas, as well as finding solutions to problems that others would find difficult to come up with. When others find your ideas and solutions to be useful, you gain credibility and public recognition.

Consider the problems presented by keeping a public safety system in place in a city. In the absence of the lighting and weather systems required by the system, the system will have to be largely reliant on human mistakes. These human mistakes will have the potential to result in property damage, injuries, deaths, and in some cases, even terroristic attacks.

Some possible risks for human error include having every single car in the city park at night, or fail to park when a light or storm front approaches. If the lights are out, everyone could get out and walk away to find their way home. If the storm does come, the lights are all off, and you have no way to find your way home, then everyone who gets home could potentially get injured or killed.

What if, instead of the public safety system, there were some sort of system that gave the people in the community warning signs to expect that lightning might pass over them? Then, when it did, there would be an alarm and everyone would know to run inside? The problem could be dramatically reduced, and any danger eliminated.

The town of Wayne, Minnesota is such a city. They have several warning systems, which are not foolproof. Still, they work well enough to allow residents to live their lives safely and enjoy their homes.

If the city of Wayne had some sort of system that would create an alarm that everyone would hear when lightning was about to strike, then everyone would know that this was going to happen and would therefore be able to prepare for it? The warning would be clear and loud, and everyone would be warned, even if it wasn’t that serious. At least, then everyone would know what to do, and they wouldn’t have to worry about getting hurt.

Even though we humans have struggled throughout history with creating solutions that can effectively protect our homes, cars, and families, we are still just not good at these solutions. There are a lot of people who rely on us to come up with these solutions, and even people who depend on us to have good judgement when it comes to protecting their family. We need to make sure we get it right, or else we may be leaving people vulnerable to a whole host of dangers.

Think about the people in the world who would be most affected by the problems you are trying to solve. Let’s say that you are working to create a city where there is no more crime. What will happen to the families who live in the country?

Families who live in rural areas often cannot afford to move, or who have other options for a new home. If they were to be exposed to the potential for crime, they may become more susceptible to becoming victims. To help those families, they would need some form of warning system.

They would need to be able to go to their doctors or other professionals and tell them about their concerns, and that the public safety system was up, or down, which would prevent a power outage and warn them to take cover. Many people in a rural area simply do not have access to these services. We need to provide them with solutions that will help them make safe decisions, so that they know what to do, when the lights go out, the clouds move, or the thunder rooster crows.