Case Study With Solution in Hindi and English

A case study with solution in Hindi and English is to be found in the study of Harvard Law School in a volume of International Law. It is one of the key cases in the Harvard Law School Case Study. The book is called The Lighthouse of Justice: A Case Study in International Law at Harvard by Mehta and Simpson.

The legal code laid down by the International Court of Justice includes no legal standards for International ethics, only ethical standards are set out. This book comes in handy for students of the law because of its real-life study of the case in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The book explains how this was handled by the institutions of the United Nations and gives a fair analysis on the matter. The authors explain all the sections in great detail and that too in simple language. So students of the law will not have to go through any difficult to understand language when they get a chance to read the book.

The international case studies have been put together with reference to the international law with an overview of the code of the International Court of Justice. The compilation of international case studies in the Harvard Law School Case Study is informative for students of international law.

The chapters dealt with include the formation of the United Nations in which the major parties, China, Iran, Iraq, France, and Germany are discussed. They are found to be adversaries for some time after the formation of the UN.

The chapter dealing with the United Nations includes all the major players and what their positions were before and after the U.N. Also dealt with is the future of the Middle East after the formation of the United Nations and how it has evolved since then. The United Nations did not work as it should have and that too withno regard to international law or humanity.

At last the chapter on the international law for the UK discusses with reference to the International Criminal Court, its mandate and the dispute among the countries involved. They are finding it difficult to get along with the rules of the international law.

The book also gives a look at the major issues which the UN has put up for discussion and considers whether or not the international law has been followed after the formation of the court. It also discusses the India-Pakistan issue. The authors explain how both the countries handled the case with respect to each other.

They also come to know the time after the U.N. and where the future of the international courts lay.

The book has made a huge impact in the field of law, economics and diplomacy and is also given much attention in the universities as well. The international law is definitely a subject that requires more emphasis, study and research.

The book provides details of the international law and various definitions of the terms used in it. While talking about the different international codes and definitions, it explains the background and also gives the students a fair idea of the use of the language, conventions and laws which are to be followed under the foreign laws.

The authors have taken all the procedures clearly and put it in Hindi. The study of the case studies with solution in Hindi and English is of immense help to students in the international law.