Ethics Case Study With Solution PDF in Hindi

Read an Ethics Case Study with Solution PDF in Hindi. The use of Hindi and English for study is becoming common among scholars.

As Hindi has become the language of the mass public, it is advisable to learn the language for reading a Case Study with Solution PDF in Hindi. There are several reasons for this.

Since Hindi is the vernacular language of India, it is easier to learn the language at a young age. It is also cheaper than the other languages. This is why the majority of children in India learn Hindi and do not bother learning other languages.

It is likely that the child will be exposed to more books written in English. By the time he reaches college or university, he will have learnt about the problem of globalization in the word of English. He will be exposed to other cultures and languages.

People from different countries read English newspapers and journals in Hindi. They read the news on TV and films in Hindi. When they see another language written in English, they are comfortable to learn it. It is more likely that people who have learnt Hindi will choose to learn English in the future.

There are Hindi speaking non-Hindi speakers living in US. These people can be exposed to the English written in Hindi. These are not immigrants but they like to learn English. These people will find a way to learn English as they will have more exposure to the words written in English.

The learning will be successful if the child is exposed to the use of English in Hindi. He will know the vernacular use of English without taking up the language in the formal setting. All the educational institutes in India teach both Hindi and English. In fact, India is the only country where such a large number of students are learning English and Hindi simultaneously.

Unlike the past, when most schools taught only one language, India is now witnessing a growing number of students learning the vernacular languages. They are willing to learn English for better jobs.

Learning a foreign language is like an experience. The person learns how to speak his mother tongue properly.

The more students learn Hindi, the more they will be exposed to the vernacular writing. In time, they will also be exposed to new vernacular writing written in English.

If you want to learn a foreign language, your best bet is to look for a classroom that teaches both English and Hindi. You can also look for other tools of communication such as Skype, Diaspora and emails. Such tools give you the opportunity to learn two languages simultaneously.