Harvard Case Study Solution For Airasia X

The Harvard Case Study Solution for Airasia X is the product of a training course held by Airasia Group. The whole Airasia X scam was a phenomenon that had the media all over the world in a tizzy and only got weirder as time passed by. A good thing too is that more people have already realized that this was a fraudulent network marketing business, though there are still some who are still not convinced.

After reading the Airasia X case study analysis you will understand why it got us so excited. This is why this particular case study offers an entirely different perspective on the air miles system.

It has a variety of benefits, including the fact that it gives you a different perspective on Airasia X which might not have been available if not for the Harvard Case Study Solution for Airasia X. Other advantages are the fact that the reader can identify with the frustrations of doing business in a fraudulent network marketing company, and the fact that the methods employed here are far from original and common.

The author of the Harvard Case Study Solution for Airasia X sets out to analyze all aspects that contribute to making this scam work, including how many people made it big in this industry, and how difficult it is to turn your life around after you’ve entered it. In a nutshell, this case study for Airasia X lays out a lot of negative aspects about being involved in network marketing.

Even with the benefits and drawbacks of the case study analysis the reader will find something to appreciate in the information presented. The simple explanation is that it gives you insight into the realities of working in the business, and the life style that people who are part of this industry have to go through every day.

This case study analysis also tells the readers about the times when people get sucked into a potentially false sense of security. When you are involved in a fraudulent business and you do not know what you are getting into, you run the risk of losing money, time, and even your integrity.

The premise of the book is that the individuals who start out their lives in network marketing and continue it for years suffer from false confidence. This explains why it is so easy for them to fall victim to the “air miles scam”.

One thing that is noted is that people sign up for what they think is a dream job and to become an expert at it, they will need to work at it day in and day out. This is even more true in data entry, as opposed to other networking jobs.

The case study analyses one program called Airasia X which is a data entry and outsourcing program run by the Academy of Excellence. This Academy uses tricks and scams to get more people involved in it.

Some of the tricks used in this program include ‘dabbing’ (where you dip in order to prove to the recruiters that you have the ability to do so), and the contact issue where you have to have complete information for all job applications. This book provides in depth information on how these tricks are put into action.

Another thing that has to be noted is that the Harvard Case Study Solution for Airasia X was written by someone who had tried to work in the industry and had actually suffered some real losses in the process. As a result, he spent many months researching and examining all aspects of the Airasia X scam before publishing his findings.

The results of this book are certainly a good starting point for those of you who want to avoid becoming a victim of this kind of activity. The number of people who have become successful and have not lost any money at all is indeed encouraging.