How to Prepare For a Case Study Analysis Sample

Case study analysis reports are among the best tools in medical school. Like a critical reading, a case study analysis is done by making the most of clues found within the report.

It is recommended that you not solely rely on your notes from a particular report. The more information you can get the better your chances will be.

When preparing a critical reading for a specific case study analysis, take care to never look at the report without studying it first. It is wise to read the case study report alone, although it is possible to find an index and comments section on many of these reports.

Once you have finished your critical reading, make a list of the most important information found within the report. Write them down in your notes, then transfer these notes into your own word processing software.

For each of the things you find very important, write a short paragraph about them, outlining the facts that you think are vital to your own report. Following this, it is time to take another look at the report and make sure that you understand all of the points that you had outlined in your initial writing.

Sometimes, it may be hard to understand information that you have already learned. To keep you from getting lost in this process, take out a second set of notes as you read through the report.

You may find yourself interrupted as you’re attempting to remember information that you already know, and you should immediately reread what you just read and re-assess your knowledge of the entire report. If necessary, go back to the index or take a quick break to answer a phone call.

Reading the entire report again before you complete your work will help you retain the most important information. A study guide that has been used previously, such as the one available online, can provide you with additional insight into a medical case study analysis.

Because the case study analysis sample was written by a medical student, they were trying to relate the specific information found within the case study to the experiences of others. Because this is the case, some of the specific information could be perceived in a different light than someone who was not trying to describe their own experiences.

It is important to note that these types of reports have no impact on the educational requirements for you, but they can provide you with a good way to prepare for the MCAT preparation exams. This study tool provides an excellent means of collecting general information to help you in your goal of becoming a successful medical student.

Finally, make it a point to always utilize case study analysis when you are analyzing data from other types of case studies. You will often find yourself able to use key pieces of information from these types of reports to help you craft your own personal report.

Keep in mind that this type of analysis is about what is found within the original report, so you should not try to edit the data from the original report. The analysis is about making notes and exploring the meaning of the data within the original report.