IvyBlog – Case Study Solution of the Day – “An IvyGirl” by Kathleen Moriarty

A couple of years ago, a name that seems to be popping up in the case study came from a student’s blog. The blog went to all the way to school. One student’s blog became the impetus for a guest post from Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minow.

That student’s name was Kathleen Moriarty. She wrote about the Harvard Case Study Solution at her blog, IvyMommy. And then the professor used some of her writing as a case study.

Some of that writing turned into an article from Harvard about the case study. She and her husband set up a blog on blogging and set up a website for their future children. With such a large resource already built up, it made sense to use that as a way to move the blog forward.

It was a natural for a case study solution that she was using for a law class. And that’s what this is. A case study solution that used her ideas for one student’s blog as a case study in her own blog.

She started her story with a little twist. “First we’re going to get to know each other. Then we’ll use a blog. Finally we’ll be writing together.”

She didn’t have much time to tell that case study solution by the end of her piece. But if you want to get the full story, you’ll want to read the article.

After this little teaser, she focused on the story of how she came up with the case study solution for another student in her class. Itwas fun to watch. Kathleen decided that she didn’t want to go with the typical crayon drawing for her cover. It didn’t seem very sophisticated.

She went with a wedding on the cover. A rather old style, but the word “marriage” didn’t sound so modern, did it? It’s a fun way to start the story.

It was interesting to see how each of the students reacted to the prompt. Each girl had a different reaction. They were each excited that they would share their story. They were both quite apprehensive about sharing this story with the rest of the class.

Kathleen was the first to give a reaction to the case study solution she had. She wasn’t too thrilled with it, but she accepted it and was excited to share it with the rest of the class. There are some quite funny bits in there about her reaction to her blog post.

As for the story, it was a wonderful story that really caught my attention. Kathleen created a lovely story that taught everyone the value of sharing and helping others.

I hope you will read the entire case study solution to this story. Kathleen, who wrote the case study solution and Harvard are in a perfect position to use the story to help students understand that the things that matter most to them are often the same things that matter most to others.