Starbucks Case Study Solution – In Four Steps to a Successful Marketing Strategy

What is the significance of the Starbucks Case Study Solution PPT? It is like a blueprint of Starbucks. How would you build a shopping mall in four simple steps?

You would first have to list down all the specific store requirements, customer requirements and competition. Next, you would design a layout according to the detailed requirement and map the exact spot for the store. Next, you have to plan the functions of the store and buy the requisite equipments and products to be sold by the store.

The next important step is to draw up the details of the management of the store. This involves the recruitment and hiring of employees and training them for optimum performance. Finally, you have to plan the marketing strategies so that the store is reachable by customers and that they come to the store frequently. With these four steps, you can build a mall.

The Harvard Case Study Solution PPT teaches the person who uses it how to build a mall. It is like a clear plan for the building of a mall in four simple steps.

Starting from the issue of Starbucks, the Harvard Case Study Solution PPT suggests two simple and practical steps to take. Firstly, you have to devise the store layout. This is the most important step in designing a mall. Secondly, you have to decide on the product and business policies.

Nowadays, today’s definition of the word “plan” has also been changed from the old one which was “to plan the positioning of one’s assets in order to maximize advantages”. Nowadays, we call it a “map”map of Starbucks”.

Next is to devise the business strategy. It may seem to be difficult to conceive of a strategy but this would involve deciding what is the kind of business and the level of success that you want to achieve by the business.

Next step is to set up the employee and staff policies. This step is usually the most challenging part in the whole process because most people get confused about the policies they want to have. In fact, such policies have to be established as a fundamental part of the business.

Last is to chalk out the local marketing strategies. The marketing strategies should not be conducted by a third party. It is a strategy that you can do and it will give you greater opportunities to advertise and sell your products.

Lastly, it is the most important part that is being discussed in the Harvard Case Study Solution PPT. In the end, you have to implement the strategies and business plans that were planned by you in a retail mall.

This is the best way to improve your strategy if the current situation has been the same. Before implementing a plan, you need to consider certain factors. You need to determine the obstacles that may stop you in your tracks and the factors that may improve your opportunities.

What is important in the Harvard Case Study Solution PPT is the time you need to implement a strategy. It does not require much time if you are using proper strategies. Of course, the strategies and techniques that you apply depend on the situation.